Reducing tax burden is a priority for both businesses and individuals.

At bgr CPAs, our extensive knowledge of tax law and considerable experience in tax planning allows us to provide customized tax planning and preparation services to businesses and individuals, in order to maximize tax benefit while maintaining compliance with federal and state tax laws.

At Berman Goldman & Ribakow LLP, our tax professionals are committed to staying current with emerging legislation, and are continually improving our knowledge of existing tax law and associated strategies. Our professionals are equipped with all of the tools and resources necessary to create effective tax plans for our clients, in an efficient manner.

Services for Businesses

Tax Planning for Businesses

Tax liability can have an immense effect on business performance and growth. As a result, it is imperative that organizations implement effective tax planning strategies from business inception in order to reduce tax liability and maintain compliance with tax regulations.

The tax professionals at bgr CPAs can advise businesses on the optimal way to structure their entity to best accomplish their goals. We also assist with ongoing tax planning, preparation and strategy with the goal of applying appropriate tax incentives and maximizing annual tax benefit. This is accomplished by continually conducting research, engaging in collaborative preparation and completing cost segregation studies.

Multi-State Tax Planning

State tax laws are especially complex for businesses and are particularly demanding on businesses conducting interstate commerce.  Because of the differences between state laws and due to the strict requirements of some, tax obligations can arise for businesses without their knowledge.  In these cases, simple errors in tax filings can result in thousands of dollars in tax penalties and interest.

Businesses who conduct operations in multiple states must understand the tax implications of doing so, and plan accordingly. The professionals at bgr CPAs work with these entities to identify potential liabilities and tax savings; to strategize and implement measures that will reduce costs; and to provide tax guidance that supports the generation of revenues in the multistate marketplace.


Services for Individuals 

Tax Returns

At bgr CPAs, tax preparation is not simply the process of filing tax returns in April. Our professionals strategize ways to maximize tax benefits for our clients throughout the entire year. The bgr process of planning and preparation ensures that our clients’ individual tax returns are compliant with state and federal requirements, executed accurately and filed on time.

Tax Credit Planning

Tax credits offer individuals and entities the opportunity to offset tax liability in order to receive the maximum possible tax benefit. Credits are provided by the federal government and many states as incentives for a range of expenses including--but not limited to--alternatively sourced energy, education and childcare.

The bgr CPAs tax professionals understand the benefit that these opportunities provide and consistently work with clients to assess tax credit eligibility and capitalize on applicable credits in order to increase profitability.

Estate Planning

There are many intricate and complex regulations that influence monetary transfers through an estate or gift. As a result, it is important to conduct proper planning to ensure that your wealth is preserved. bgr CPAs have vast experience in conducting extensive and complex estate tax planning that protects the assets of our clients. Our professionals develop and implement strategies to reduce tax liability and ensure the preservation of wealth. This process includes:

  • Clearly defining your estate planning goals
  • Evaluating and recommending estate planning options
  • Organizing and reviewing your existing estate planning documents
  • Implementing strategies that decrease the complications and expenses associated with probate
  • Implementing strategies that will lessen estate and gift taxes at time of death
  • Arranging for management of your estate in the event you are incapacitated
  • Ensuring that the assets of your estate are transferred to heirs the way that you have specified
  • Organizing fair and adequate liquidation of estate to cover taxes and other expenses

Contact the tax professionals at bgr CPAs for a consultation regarding your tax planning and preparation needs.