Financial Planning


Financial Planning

Many individuals and business owners forego financial planning in the belief that those who are responsible with their money do not need a financial planner.

However, financial planning encompasses far more than appropriate money management strategies. With the assistance of a financial planner, business owners and individuals alike can empower their futures and ensure they are on-track to meet financial goals and obligations.

Through the financial planning professionals at Patuxent Financial Group (PFG), Berman, Goldman and Ribakow’s partner firm, individuals and business owners can take advantage of decades of financial planning experience, professionals with vast knowledge of the latest happenings and trends in the finance and tax realm, as well as PFG’s comprehensive guidance regarding investments, management of estates, insurance policies and more.

To learn more about the financial planning services Berman, Goldman and Ribakow offer through the professionals at Patuxent Financial Group, or to schedule a consultation, click the link directly below