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What are the New Sick Leave Requirements?

On January 12, 2018, the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act was passed. This override Governor Hogan’s veto of the Act that took place in May of 2017, in which he had proposed a different sick leave legislation. The law is currently scheduled to go into effect on February 11, 2018. This Act requires Maryland employers with…

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4 Things That All Restaurants Should Consider: Part Two

  The hospitality industry leader at bgr CPAs explains the four practices that all restaurant managers should consider implementing to help combat financial challenges that are common within the hospitality industry. In Part One, the hospitality industry leader at bgr CPAs explained how implementing 13 four-week periods can provide substantial benefit to restaurateurs. In Part…

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3 Ways the Parental Leave Act Could Stymie Business Accounting in MD

  Business accounting in Maryland changes with the tide as new laws take effect each year. How have your human resources and accounting departments adjusted to Maryland’s Parental Leave Act (PLA)? What the PLA means for business accounting in Maryland As of Oct. 1, 2014, the PLA requires Maryland employers with 15-49 employees to provide up to…

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Keeping TRAC of Tip Income: Tip Compliance

Participating in an IRS Tip Agreement is like having an audit insurance policy. If your business employs workers who earn a substantial portion of their income from tips (bartenders, restaurant or hotel workers, beauticians, casino employees and so on), then a tip agreement essentially provides you with immunity against an IRS audit. The IRS established…

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