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401(k) Audits

The regulations and rules governing 401(k) plans are consistently changing, making the process of auditing these plans complex. The 401(k) audit professionals at bgr CPAs stay up to date on regulatory and legislative changes made by the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor in order to provide our clients with a thorough and accurate audit of their 401(k) plans.

Many accounting firms perform 401(k) audits for their clients on an annual basis, but frequently fail to perform all of the necessary compliance testing or advise their clients about compliance issues.

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At bgr CPAs, our audit professionals understand the technical requirements of 401(k) audits and the regulatory priorities of the IRS and DOL.

Under the bgr CPAs’ 401(k) audit engagement, an auditor will take note of procedures, practices, and other matters that raise potential problems or could be improved upon. Components that will be assessed during an audit include:

  • Plan and operational compliance
  • Fiduciary responsibility
  • Internal controls
  • Financial reporting
  • Best practices

Our professionals guide clients through the entire process of the employee benefit plan audit preparation, performance and the remedial measures necessary to ensure that your 401(k) plan is compliant with federal regulation.

Is Your Employee Benefit Plan in Compliance?

June 25, 2018

At bgr CPAs, we are committed to achieving the highest quality and most efficient audits possible with our specialized team of auditors. We have over 20 years of experience in performing employee benefit plan (EBP) audits and we presently audit the plans of over 30 firms. Our team of employee benefit plan auditors stays current…

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