Real Estate Insights

1031: An Overview of Like-Kind Exchanges 

The tax and accounting professionals at Berman Goldman & Ribakow (bgr CPAs) explain why a like-kind exchange may prove to be beneficial when used for business or investing purposes.  What is a “like-kind exchange”? Prior to 1984, 1031 exchanges had to be exact — if, for example, you were selling a single-family home, you must…

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The Future of Bonus Depreciation in Real Estate

  The tax and accounting experts at bgr CPAs explain the importance of bonus depreciation for commercial and residential real estate owners. Bonus depreciation is often used to incentivize real estate and business owners to purchase capital assets. This accelerated method of depreciation allows owners to make an additional deduction on the cost of qualifying…

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Real Estate Investments: Maximizing Your After-Tax Gains

  Real estate investors consider several factors when buying and selling land to secure maximum possible gains, but often neglect to include taxes in their plans. Taxes on gains can be one of the largest costs of the transaction and since the spread between ordinary income tax rates and capital gain tax rates can be…

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