Nonprofit Insights

Non-Profit Seminar Hosted by bgr CPAs

Join us for a seminar detailing the key differences between GAAP and IRC reporting and we will answer the most common questions received from the nonprofit industry. By the end of the seminar you will have a clear understanding of the Form 990 as it relates to: Accounting for Special Events Reporting Board of Directors Reconciliation to…

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Top Questions CPA Firms Receive from Non-Profits

Special Events Why did my special event produce a profit but report a loss on Schedule G of Form 990? Why do I need to identify donor direct benefits from my special event costs? Isn’t the selling price of an event ticket the same as the fair market value of an event ticket? Board of…

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Special Events – GAAP vs IRC!

Nonprofits face unique challenges with financial statement and tax reporting.  There are a number of items that are treated differently for financial statement purposes prepared under generally accepted accounting principles and tax reporting which is dictated by IRS regulations. One particularly challenging item is the treatment of special events.  There is confusion among nonprofits surrounding…

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