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Nonprofit organizations play an essential role in society. Although every organization varies in mission and size, each exists to effect change within and beyond the communities they serve. While nonprofit organizations derive operating revenues from alternative sources, the organizations do not differ from for-profit enterprises entirely.

In order to achieve organizational goals and promote continual growth, both of these types of organizations share the need for accurate reporting, business planning and financial strategizing.

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bgr CPAs work with nonprofit organizations to mitigate the unique challenges presented by their industry.

Our nonprofit professionals have decades of experience working with organizations to successfully operate under increased pressure for accountability while facing a diminishing number of income sources. We have developed customized solutions applicable to nonprofit organizations of various size and types, and continually educate clients about current tax regulations, legislation, and trends that could affect their organization’s goals.

Our professionals understand that there is a fundamental difference between the financial, business consulting, and accounting services needed by for-profit businesses, and those needed by nonprofit organizations. bgr CPAs offers a range of specialized services for nonprofit organizations including, but not limited to:

  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Business Consulting
  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Risk Assessment
  • Tax Preparation, Compliance and Planning

One area in which we excel is in the preparation of the Form 990.  There are a number of challenges involved in reporting the non-profit tax return accurately.  Our team can navigate you through challenges such as differences between financial reporting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and reporting required by the Internal Revenue Service including accounting for and reporting special events accurately. We can help your team,  through education and guidance,  to gather the information necessary for the form 990 as well as provide support as you utilize  the 990 to promote your mission.

Special Events – GAAP vs IRC!

November 10, 2016

Nonprofits face unique challenges with financial statement and tax reporting.  There are a number of items that are treated differently for financial statement purposes prepared under generally accepted accounting principles and tax reporting which is dictated by IRS regulations. One particularly challenging item is the treatment of special events.  There is confusion among nonprofits surrounding…

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Our team of experienced and skilled professionals has extensive knowledge of the ever-changing laws and regulations within various industries, and has provided our valued clients with accurate, informed insights and business guidance for more than 70 years.